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We need your help! Things are turning monochromatic!

Hello everyone! If you've kept a close eye on our media this year, you'll have noticed that things have

been gradually getting less and less saturated. It started with Cait's B&W photo for the Hysteria cover video, then the B&W teaser photo for the "Shades of Red" single, the abnormal B&W logo for the "Shades of Red" single, photos in all black, a black and white photo posted a few days ago to promote Opening Act, and now this. The whole damn website looks like the life has been sucked out of it. If you thought this was a coincidence; you're mistaken. We're excited to share that this is slightly teasing what is to come with our debut album!

We are deep in planning for the album, and trying to decide what merchandise we want to pair with the release of the album. This is where you come in! What are YOU, the listener/fan/consumer hoping for? Vinyl's? CD's? Posters? Stickers? Shirts? More than one shirt option? Hats? Music videos? Behind the scenes videos? An album release party? We need your help- we only want to create exactly what YOU are looking for! Comment below what you're hoping for in order to help us help you! Much love, xoxo Cait <3

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